Sunday, 11 January 2015

In the beginning there was lightning!

In 2007 I installed a weather station at the Wessex Cave Club headquarters in the Somerset village of Priddy on the top of the Mendip hills. This station was intended to log data to assist cavers with projects and to give them an idea of current weather conditions.

But alas, a passing thunderstorm zapped the unit causing the interface between the console and the greatness that is the internet. The equipment was removed and continued to gather dust until 2011 when I decided to fix the kit.

I initially searched for second hand equipment but the cost was prohibitive, but fortuitously stumbled across the WXforum and this post from DeKay, it spawned the first logger. Here is the first attempt created using Eagle PCB.

and then built using a free service from Spirit Circuits

 This first unit used an FTDI serial to USB cable. I offered it for sale and put the design files up so that any hobbyist could build one. It would appear that people preferred to have me build them one...

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