Wednesday, 30 November 2016

An end of year evolution

I have been busy this year with moving house, starting a new job and getting my girls settled into a new school, so there hasn't been a great deal of time to work on the BelfryBoy logger.

Despite all this I recently decided to address the aesthetics of the unit, since I have never been completely happy with how the finished logger looks.

I had looked into some sort of low pressure over moulding, like this service from Techsil.

But I decided that in the volume that I make these I couldn't really justify the expense.

I then happened upon the idea of 3d printing a shell that could then be filled with epoxy resin. The design work was all done using onshape, a fantastic cloud based CAD modelling tool, and then printed via 3dhubs, another brilliant online resource.

So here is the first of the finished covered loggers, it's a bit rough round the edges still, but with a little work I hope for a much more professional look.
BelfryBoy Logger with 3d printed cover

A nice little touch

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